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Kiyoshi Sunobe President and CEO

     Although global economic growth has remained generally stable to date, the struggle for economic hegemony between the world’s two major economies—the United States and China—seems sure to continue. The longer this struggle lasts, the more likely it is to have negative impacts on neighboring countries linked to them through global supply chains. In addition, cyclical trends suggest that we are now witnessing downward pressures on what has been a steady economic growth plane. Therefore, we anticipate that governments will adopt economic stimulus measures and other policies to counter these negative effects. Markets are likely to remain nervous over the near-term because of the ever-changing geopolitical conditions prevailing across many regions and countries.

     As the so-called fourth industrial revolution gains momentum, businesses and industries across the globe face accelerating trends towards digitization, an increasingly borderless world, and greater complexity. Despite the existence of promising opportunities, the rapidly changing global framework will make it more difficult to understand the true nature of the business conditions surrounding us.

     In its role as an in-house think tank for the Sumitomo Corporation Group, Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd. will endeavor to fuse macro information on global trends in politics, economics, business, and industry with internal, micro information obtained in the field from businesses and investments in which Sumitomo Corporation Group has an interest. SCGR will organize, analyze, and disseminate this data, offering an unprecedented level of value-added information.

     We aim to fulfill our mission as a sogo-shosha think tank by providing the highest quality information taken with a global perspective, and we look forward to your continued guidance and support in this endeavor.

April, 2019
Kiyoshi Sunobe
President and CEO

Company Data

Company Name Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd.
Establishment Date April 1, 2004
Paid-in Capital 50million yens
Stockholder Sumitomo Corporation (100%)
President and CEO Kiyoshi Sunobe (Managing Executive Officer of Sumitomo Corporation)
Board Directors Executive Vice President:   Hiroyuki Kojima
Director (part-time):   Hideki Yamano
Number of Employees 37
2-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8601 Japan
Business Description Studies, analysis, research and consulting on issues related to domestic and international politics, economics and trade, etc.

(As of April 1, 2020)

Our Expertise

Economic Analysis

By combining macro-economic information, such as Global and Japanese Economy, World Trade, with its in-house business oriented information, SCGR provides analysis and forecast of the economic environment around the world.

Market Analysis

By combining market information with in-house information derived from natural resources and energy trading and investment, SCGR offers their views on the current market trend and outlook of the international commodity market.

International Analysis

SCGR keeps track of developments in international affairs, as well as the political and economic situation of individual countries with country risk information, and provides views on the potential impact on our business operations world-wide.

Business Strategy Analysis

SCGR provides analyses of next generation businesses, technologies and environmental issues.



(As of April 1, 2020)