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Takayuki Sumita President and CEO

     After several years since “living in a VUCA world[*1] ” became a business buzzword, global uncertainty is all the more increasing. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated wealth maldistribution and inequality, and sounded the alarm on the vulnerability of global supply chains. The need for cooperation in resolving global issues has increased, but there are many obstacles in the way. These include friction between the United States and China, and between the United Kingdom and the European Union, as well as emerging issues related to fundamental values such as human rights and democracy. On the other hand, there has been remarkable progress in a number of technological fields, including DX[*2], artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, healthcare, and mobility. Understanding their essence and utilizing them in ways that focus on consumers and other beneficiaries opens up the path to creating new business opportunities. The massive fiscal measures adopted around the world to revive economies damaged by the pandemic, and the huge amounts of low-cost money flooding the markets as a result of expansionary monetary policies provide a favorable tailwind for businesses of all kinds.

     The role of Sumitomo Corporation Global Research is to collect, analyze and provide information about the world situation and industrial trends. Our strengths as a think-tank of the Sumitomo Corporation Group lie in our ability to integrate in-depth information and experience from the front lines of the Group's business activities. Our mission is to combine both a broad perspective (“Bird’s Eye”) and a narrow focus (“Worm’s Eye”) into balanced research and analysis, which in turn shall be skillfully connected with Sumitomo Corporation Group’s activities as an “information user”, while maintaining appropriate tensions in-between, and eventually to help foster new businesses that correctly assess opportunities and risks, leading to a greater value creation.

     As a group of professionals with their own expertise, deep knowledge and analytical skills, our members make the most of their individuality and strengths to conduct research and analysis with relaxed but vigorous attitude. They cooperate to “connect the dots” and provide a new perspective by “drawing auxiliary lines”, so that we can ensure our output triggers wide-ranging communications, thereby leading to even better outcomes.

     I ask for your full support and cooperation as we move ahead providing information from all viewpoints.

April, 2021
Takayuki Sumita
President and CEO


[*1]VUCA world: A world, where the future is uncertain and difficult to predict because of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.

[*2]DX = Digital Transformation: The spread of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is transforming all aspects of human life, society, and business.

Company Data

Company Name Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd.
Establishment Date April 1, 2004
Paid-in Capital 50million yens
Stockholder Sumitomo Corporation (100%)
President and CEO Takayuki Sumita (Executive Officer, Assistant CSO, Sumitomo Corporation)
Board Directors Executive Vice President:   Noriyuki Maruoka
Director:   Yasunori Hisano
Director (part-time):   Hirokazu Higashino
Number of Employees 35
2-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8601 Japan
Business Description Studies, analysis, research and consulting on issues related to domestic and international politics, economics and trade, etc.

(As of September 1, 2023)

Our Expertise

Economic Analysis

By combining macro-economic information, such as Global and Japanese Economy, World Trade, with its in-house business oriented information, SCGR provides analysis and forecast of the economic environment around the world.

Market Analysis

By combining market information with in-house information derived from natural resources and energy trading and investment, SCGR offers their views on the current market trend and outlook of the international commodity market.

International Analysis

SCGR keeps track of developments in international affairs, as well as the political and economic situation of individual countries with country risk information, and provides views on the potential impact on our business operations world-wide.

Business Strategy Analysis

SCGR provides analyses of next generation businesses, technologies and environmental issues.



(As of September 1, 2023)